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dani life goes on
, Pagie29 Smile like you have never cried, fight like you have never lost, love like you have never been hurt, and live like there's no tomorrow.
Babbygirl76 I'm here to meet new people
jean claude roux Je suis sincére
, , daviscarradero love to care for my woman
jw87only1 looking to have a good time
Charex1 I am a caring woman, loving and very responsible. I do try all my best to be supportive to any man that who finally become my husband. I am also virtous. You talk about been friendly yes I am. I believe so much in destiny, which makes me to a God fearing and trustworthy woman.
cheri123 Contact me Pretty basic gal. Made mistakes in the past. Learning never stops, just makes a person better, right? I really try to live life with fun and happiness. I don't let a whole lot get to me. I do like a variety of different things, I stay busy, but do enjoy sitting around and watching a movie. I am confident, and I know what I am looking for/want with a guy, no offense, I have been through enough and I don't believe in wasting others time. i,m the only daughter of my late parent. I am truly a sweet, honest, loyal gal, with a great sense of humor. I just want that guy to curl up with for a movie, cuddle in bed, hold my hand, and tell me he is there. I am not a gal who demands flowers, chocolates, diamonds, or showering affection. I also don't require all of your time, I have limited time for dating. I realize a relationship is a two way street, and I really try my part in making sure my man knows he is wanted, and only him. I can't get more real than I already am. I don't believe people should change for others, and that guy for me is out there somewhere that I don't have to change for, eitheR and find out more!
connie888 love
mysteryhuntress Looking for lonterm relationship.


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