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What is True Dating 4 You?

Hello everyone, welcome to My name is Johnny, I’m just a regular fun loving everyday guy from Denmark and I have been travelling around all parts of Thailand for the last 27 years and like many others I instantly fell in love with the culture, the Thai people and the happy go lucky lifestyle they promote. I have met many very interesting people on my travels and I have been blessed to make life time friends and bonds with people from all walks of life. One question that pops up with my lady friends is ''Can you help me find a nice man from your country?''. This is the question that motivated me to design this website to help others find love and form new friendships. I am very passionate and positive in my outlook of life and think I can offer something that no other dating websites can offer...
There are 1000's of dating sites out there on the internet; is for you as we offer what most sites do not. We are a true dating website; every member can upload pictures, add profile information and add a personal message that other members will see, ads as much are as little as you like. The website offers you the chance to search our matchmaker and find either friend, people to meet up with on holidays are maybe more. You can contact any other member through our personal message's (PM), which is great way to start to get to know someone and start the connection.

It is my aim to encourage a friendly community, this is very important to me. If people are seen to post pornographic pictures, inappropriate language, abuse to other members are to Thai culture, they will have their account closed and email address blocked. As a true dating website we have to respect the common Thai cultures and the Buddhist way of life in Thailand (Be nice to other's and good things will happen for you), quite simple and nice really. Examples if what I mean are, do not criticize the Kingdom of Thailand, Thai politics’ are the royal family. Again, if any member is caught are reported to be ignoring these rules, they will have their account closed and email address blocked. So it is your responsibility as a member of to be polite and good mannered to others members and we'll all get along just fine and we can have a nice community were people feel they can express themselves openly and freely.

All profiles on are genuine people looking to meet someone and from all over the world. I have used some of my connections in Thailand to jump start the website and start to gather new members. I told many of my single friends to join up and ask their single friends to also join through word of mouth. This is a the method that most other dating websites will miss out on at start up and most of our members will know each other are will be friends of friends and we had got the perfect chance to build the community we want of friends. People from all over the world are welcome to join the website and we encourage everyone to join and help us to reach our potential. It is my dream for everyone that visits will meet the new love of their life; new friends are just people to chat with and be social :) We will be updating the website.

Note: All personal information including email addresses are kept off your member page and will never is shared with other members. You also have the opportunity to block other members that you do not want to be contacted by.

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